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Clana Fic # 2 for Me!!!

Fandom: Smallville
Subfaction: The Clana Movement (snerk)
Title: Insatiable, pt 1
Rated: NC-17, and I mean that, very very much
Pairing: Lana/Clark/Lex
Notes: Sequel to Fantasize. And yes, this is very much of the dirty!bad!wrong variety. When I say porn? I so totally and completely mean it. And by the way? I LOVE this Lana.

[ insatiable ]
by kHo

Clark forced his eyes to open. “Lana!”

“What,” she purred, running her nails down his neck, catching little hairs on the way knowing it would tickle him. “I’m not doing anything.”

Clark’s laugh was really more of a moan, and really, he couldn’t be blamed. “Lana, you’re… molesting me.”

Lana laughed breathlessly into his ear and flicked out her tongue to lick it, biting gently down and tugging. “Come on, Clark. I want you to fuck me.”

“We never, ever, should have bought that porn collection,” he said, closing his eyes and groaning as she trailed her hand down his torso. “It’s been way too influential.”

“You like it, Clark,” she whispered, no hesitation as she grabbed his cock through his jeans, squeezing not just the little bit roughly.

“But… I…” Clark breathed in sharply as she bit down on his neck, his hand convulsively spasming on the pen clutched between his fingers. “Paper. Paper, school. Write. Yes. Must.”

Lana breathed out another laugh, her fingers deftly making quick work of his zipper as she glanced at the clock. “It’s only almost seven, Clark. We’ll be done in enough time for you to write whatever yawn inducing term paper you have to write.”

“It’s not… unh… Lana, it’s not… God, wait,” he said, finding it incredibly impossible to breathe at this point, her fingers ghosting over his cock through his boxers. “It’snotboring goddon’t Imeanstop Imeanwait yeahgod yoursogood.”

She giggled against his neck. “Was that an actual sentence or just random words jumbled together.”

He moaned helplessly, dropping the pen to the floor and reaching up to grab her hair. “I don’t even give a fuck anymore,” he said, taking her mouth with his, shoving his tongue in her mouth, wriggling around and trying very very hard to remember not to use superspeed to get his jeans off. Toeing them onto the floor, starting to work on his boxers, he pulled on her hair until he heard her moan and grinned against her mouth. “Just remember, you started it.”

Lana remained sitting when Clark stood. “Actually.”

Clark looked down at her. “Lana, come on… We have to hurry up and fuck so I can write my paper.”

She smirked up at him. “Gee, Clark. You romantic, you.”

He ducked his head, chagrined. “I’m sorry , Lana, it’s just this class is kicking my ass, and--”

“God,” she said, kneeling and grabbing his hips in her hands. “Shut up, Clark, you talk too much.”

He gasped as she swallowed him down her throat, his hand flying to her hair. “Oh… Lana… shouldn’t we, I… we should… but…”

“I wanna fuck you on the floor, Clark,” she said, pulling back only long enough to say so before her tongue was back on him, her mouth wrapped around him, teeth playing and teasing and doing just the right things, and he was sure he was gonna come soon just from this.

He wound his fingers in her hair and bit back a curse. “God, Lana.”

She pulled back again, reaching down and hooking her fingers between her legs as she looked up at him. “Take off your shirt Clark, I want to see you.”

The shirt came off so quickly he’s not even sure he hadn’t used superspeed, and then he was reaching down and ripping her shirt off of her, not even caring as the sleeve came apart at the seams. This had happened a few too many times to be that much of a shock these days. “You’re so sexy, Lana.”

She grinned up at him, reaching her hand inside her pants, leaning forward again to lick at him, her hair tickling his thighs. “Don’t you wish Lex were here,” she whispered, looking up at him with big wide eyes that would never, ever look innocent to him again.

He felt his dick jerk at the mention of his name, and it was long past the time when he felt guilty. She fed him this, this was her fault. He wasn’t to be blamed if it was Lex’s name he cried out when he came, Lex’s hands he wanted on him when she touched him. This was their game, and this is how they played it. If it plagued him afterwards, guilt and anger and shame, he couldn’t help that.

“God yes,” he hissed, jerking as she licked him again.

“What do you want him to do, Clark,” she asked, and this turned her on as much as it did him, if not more. Hearing what he wanted, what he fantasized about.

“I want his mouth around me,” Clark hissed, closing his eyes because this was still embarrassing, at least right now it was. Later, when he was close to coming, when h e was so close he couldn’t even see anymore, it wouldn’t be hard to say at all. “I… I want him to touch me. Suck me off. Make me come.”

A lick, a bite, soft mouth sucking on his thigh and then his cock, teasing him, not going anywhere near where he needs it, wants it, to be. But it never did. Not yet. “What do you want to do to him, Clark?”

“God, I want to taste him,” he moaned, his fingers twisting in her hair, pulling it hard enough to hurt, but that’s okay. She liked it that way. “I want to taste him, everywhere. Every… inch… I want unh…”

“Yeah, Clark, God, that’s so hot,” she said, and her voice was shuddering just like he was, breathy and barely audible, and he was pulling her up, yanking her to him, shoving his hands into her pants, yanking them off.

His fingers on her clit before she could even catch her breath. “You want him to fuck you too, Lana,” he hissed, because it’s starting to be okay now, talking like this. He’s far enough gone to not remember how to blush. “You want to feel him inside you?”

She was bucking into him, her nails digging into his skin as she moaned her response, breath coming in gasps as he brutally fingered her. “Yes… yes, Clark, I want him to… God, I want him to fuck me so bad.”

The blood rushing in his head should have drowned out the knock, but his hearing kicked into supermode when he was this hot and he heard it anyway. “Lana…”

“Ignore it,” she hissed, biting into his neck. “They can come back later.”

“But what if… Oh, God,” he said, breaking off as her hand wrapped around him, jerking once, twice until his eyes had crossed.

“Shh, baby,” she said, licking a hot wet stripe up his neck. “Quiet.”


Clark froze at the sound of Lex’s voice, every single synapse in his brain refusing to fire again.

“Lana, are you…” and the voice faded off as the door opened and Lex’s eyes fell on him. His fingers crushed Lana to him, partially because Jesus God this could not be happened, and partially because she was naked, and Lex wasn’t supposed to see that, “here?”

Clark started to breathe again as Lex’s eyes trailed down over his body, and it vaguely registered in his head that it was indeed his body Lex’s eyes were taking in. Lex’s hand was still clutching the door handle, hard enough now to make his knuckles go white, and when his eyes fell on Lana’s hand on Clark’s cock he let out an audible grunt and stumbled back a step, his eyes raising quickly to meet Clark’s.

“I… Lana asked me to…” He swallowed, closing his eyes briefly, and Clark wondered for a moment if Lex was actually going to faint. “Seven.” He lifted his hand, pulling back his sleeve to expose his watch. “She said… Clark, she said seven.”

And then Lana was giggling, burying her head into Clark’s chest as he relearned how to breath, angry at himself for still being hard. For being harder even. “Lex, get the fuck out.”

Lex nodded, swallowing heavily again, and then his eyes swept once more over Clark’s body, and again, Clark could hear the sharp intake of breath followed by a barely audible grunt. “I’m… Of course. I’m sorry to...”

“Oh, God,” Lana said, pulling away from Clark and rolling her eyes. “Clark, are you stupid?”

Clark reached to cover her again, but she stepped out of his arms. When he looked over at Lex his eyes had finally moved over to Lana, and he could see the hunger in them but it wasn’t nearly the same as it had been when Lex’s eyes had been on him. And my God. Did that mean…

“I asked Lex to come here at seven,” she said slowly, standing there completely naked, and completely comfortable. And really, why shouldn’t she be? “We had ‘business’ to discuss,” she said, glancing at Lex and laughing. “Of course, he didn’t know that the business I had in mind was a menage et toi, but--”




And then she was laughing even harder as Clark looked at Lex, his eyes widening impossibly as Lex swallowed again. “Lex, I didn’t--”

“Neither did… I didn’t…” Lex closed his eyes and ran a hand over his head. Blinking and shaking his head he looked at the door handle still clutched in his hand and slammed it shut quickly. “Alright. Ok.” He cleared his throat and very very carefully looked only at Lana’s face. “What. The. Fuck.”

“Oh, don’t play coy Lex, it doesn’t suit you at all,” Lana said, and then she was walking over to him before Clark could stop her, yanking on his long black coat and pulling him forward before peeling it off him slowly, blinking up at him. “You want me. You want him. It’s so obvious.”

But there’s only anger in Lex’s eyes now and Clark suddenly feels like the world is shattering again. “Obvious,” Lex said, that hard edge to his tone slicing through Clark’s heart. His eyes flick to Clark. “So that’s what this is. Some sick joke. Shove in my face what I’ve lost? Here’s what you can’t have, Lex? Is that what this is?” Lana’s hands had frozen when he’d started speaking his coat now caught on his arms until he jerked out of Lana’s grasp to rip his coat off. “Believe me, Lana, I already know.”

Lana looked at Clark, eyes wide as she stood there speechless. He stepped forward and put a hand on her shoulder, moving her behind him. “Lex. I didn’t know about this.”

“You didn’t,” Lex asked, raising his eyebrow and stepping closer to him. “You didn’t plan this? You expect me to believe this is all Lana’s idea?”

“It is, Lex,” Lana said, wrapping her arms around Clark’s waist, pressing into his back. “Lex, we want you too.”

Lex looks into Clark’s eyes. “You know, Clark. If we’re no longer friends, that’s one thing. But to do this--”

He doesn’t even let Lex finish, just steps forward, grabs Lex by the neck and pulls him forward, crushing his mouth to his to shut him up. His right hand wrapped around his neck, left hand sliding down Lex’s chest, gripping onto his shirt and pulling him tighter against him. He can feel Lex hard against his thigh and he groans, pressing into it harder before finally breaking the kiss to pull back and look in Lex’s eyes.

“I want you,” he whispered, and it was so much easier to say this to Lex’s mouth, because if he’d looked at Lex’s eyes he never would have been able to speak. “I’ve wanted you for so long, Lex.”

Lex’s fingers hot on his skin when he finally touched him, wrapping around his hips and holding him in place, not letting Clark pull him back to him. “Clark,” he asked, and Clark’s sure it wasn’t supposed to be a question, but it was.

So finally he does, he takes a deep breath, steels himself, and looks into Lex’s eyes. At all the warring emotions. Hurt, anger, need, want, lust, sorrow, regret, pain. “I want you, Lex,” he says, his voice only faltering slightly, because he’s being swept into Lex’s eyes and suddenly it’s just the two of them in the room, even though he can still feel Lana pressed into his back, her hands running up and down his sides.

“Clark,” Lex whispers, and then his hands are on Clark’s face and he’s pulling him forward and kissing him, tongue delving into Clark’s mouth and it feels like velvet, like heaven, like explosions going off in his head and he presses into him, feels his hard on through Lex’s pants and wants more. Wants it to be skin, wants Lex to be naked, wants to touch him, and he’s not even aware that he’s unbuttoning Lex’s dark blue shirt until he can feel his skin underneath it as he spreads his palms across it.

He feels something tickling his legs and before he can look down Lana’s hand is wrapped around his cock and her fingers are unzipping Lex’s pants and she’s telling them, begging them, to keep kissing, just keep kissing, and he can’t argue with her, because he never could, and this is Lex. He rips Lex’s shirt off of him because there should be no more barriers between them, not for this, not right now, and he knows the moment Lana’s hand touches Lex because he lets out a low, animalistic growl and his tongue is back in Clark’s mouth, his arms wrapped around Clark’s body and pulling him closer.

He’s not sure if Lex comes first or if he does, but he knows they finish at the same time, because Lex rests his forehead against him and they just breath together for a moment before Lex is kissing him again. A slow, savory kiss, a kiss that’ll probably never leave Clark for the rest of his life, that vibrates through his whole body and leaves him wanting more, and then Lex breaks off saying, “Jesus, Clark.”

And fuck a term paper, because the night was just beginning.

... don’t hate me, but this is to be continued
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