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The new RPS!

In honour of the opening day of ridemestallion , I wrote a wee drabble for y'all.


Clark's thinking about Lex and it's depressing him. How did they go from best friends to… this? He knows Lex doesn't hate him, couldn't hate him, but, oh man, it used to be so good between them and now it's


Not good.


At least he's got Lana, who's sidling up to him with kind of a saucy smile on her face.


He's just about to say hi, but she's too quick. Grabbing his face between her hands and planting a wet kiss on his mouth. Tongue inside him, and he's instantly hard.


She pulls off and he laughs. "Hello to you too!" he says.




And then Lana's on her knees in front of him and pushing his thighs apart. He thrusts forward involuntarily and watches with interest.


Zipper down and she's reaching inside and pulling him out. Mouth on him, sucking the head, taking in the full length. It's nice, really nice.


He drifts off into a world of pure sensation where it's just wet and hot and there's no Lex there anymore.


No fighting with Lex. No playing pool anymore with Lex. No lying to Lex. No watching Lex lie. No Lex.


No Lex, oh God, no Lex.  No more Lex.


Ah. God. Oh God, Lex. No, no, no. No more Lex. Oh God.


Ah, ah-




He's coming in Lana's mouth.

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